Installing Kree using CLI

Installation made easy.

Node.js installation

Go to Node.js website and download it for you operating system.

CLI installation

Open a new terminal (Command Prompt for Windows) and type in

npm i create-kree-game -g

What does that do?

  • npm => the package manager of Node.js ( Node Package Manager)

  • i => install

  • create-kree-game => the name of the CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • -g => install the package global

  1. Install your favorite IDE / Text Editor

  2. Download the *.jar file of Kree in you downloads folder. Download Kree‚Äč

And your done with the setup!

We recommend using IntelliJ IDEA as an IDE

How to use the CLI?

  1. Open a new terminal window.

  2. Go to an empty folder (the name of the folder will be the name of the project)

    To navigate between folders, you can use cd, mkdir, cd .. and pwd.

  3. Run create-kree-game on the current directory. (answer the prompts by your needs)

That's it! Now open the folder with your IDE and start coding!